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Wound Care in Lombard, IL

At Scott A Zimmerman, DPM and Vincent Traverso, DPM, we specialize in wound management for chronic or non-healing wounds caused by trauma, surgery, diabetes, arterial and venous disease, edema or pressure. Our wound treatment team will work closely with you to diagnose the wound, pinpoint the problem and develop a treatment plan.
Wound Experts
Zimmerman, DPM and Traverso, DPM have advanced training in wound management. As members of THE AMERICAN PROFESSIONAL WOUND CARE ASSOCIATE, they attend numerous seminars on current wound care techniques. Zimmerman,DPM is also is on staff at the Saint Anthony Wound Care Clinic in Chicago.

Our office specializes in the care of these wounds. Our goal is to work together with the patient, family, and other medical providers, focusing on the needs of each individual patient. For chronic wound sufferers, the healing process can be long and frustrating.

A work-up in our office would include a thorough diagnostic evaluation to identify the type of wound and underlying causes. An individually tailored treatment plan is then developed.
Barefoot being bandaged by a doctor — Wound care in Lombard IL
Our office will strive not only for excellence of care, but excellence in education. The staff will provide you with the necessary information to help in the healing process.
Wound Care
A wound is an opening in the skin. Over one million wounds requiring medical care occur annually. In fact, approximately six million Americans suffer from chronic wounds caused by trauma, surgery, diabetes, arterial and venous disease, edema or pressure. Many of these wounds are on the legs and feet. Generally, wounds heal within eight weeks; however, healing may be delayed if you have circulation problems, diabetes, a collagen disease, history of radiation, or an autoimmune disease. If you have a wound and it is slow to heal, it would be beneficial to talk with our doctors about your problem.
  • Inspect your skin every day. Use a mirror to look at hard to see areas.
  • Look for areas that stay red after a change of position, especially over bony areas: lower back, hips, heels, back of the head, rims of the ears, ankles, elbows, shoulder blades, and spine and for areas that are dry, cracked, bruised, or blistered.
  • Keep your skin clean and free from perspiration, urine, stool, and wound drainage.
  • Bathe regularly in warm (not hot) water with a mild, pH-balanced product (Dove, Oil of Olay with Shea Butter, Aveeno, Neutrogena). Pat your skin dry in all skin folds and creases. Pay special attention to the area between, under, and around your toes.
  • Moisturize your skin at least daily. Do not apply lotions or creams between your toes; only to the tops and bottoms of your feet.
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